4 Basic Strokes

Gina Knight (Drum Lessons Girl) explains to drummers how to play the basic strokes used in drumming! Produced at Blue Flash Studio, 2012.

3 Responses to 4 Basic Strokes

  1. Marina says:

    Very beautiful video!! Very thanks, for video, and very Compliments for music!!

  2. Art says:

    Gina, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing. It’s rare to be able to find FREE lessons. Especially starting from the beginning. And the explanations every step of the way. I’m an intermediate drummer. 60 years old and play every other day. I’m teaching my wife, and these lessons are invaluable to help me show her what I’m talking about. Working with her has been improving my own playing. Though I’m still weak with my left hand, I can do one handed rolls with my right hand and use my left to work my way around the kit. But I really want to get my left hand equal with the right. Double pedal playing I’m reasonably good with.

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