Gina Knight has been a busy gigging drummer in and around the Chicagoland area for over 15 years. She is in high demand because of her versatility, high energy, and professionalism both on and off stage. Musicians describe her as an extremely musical drummer with rock solid time and killer instincts.

Gina just concluded a 5 year run with Chicago’s own “Blooze Brothers” a favored horn band which has headlined many of the major music venues and festivals in the Midwest for the last 25 years.

She has teamed up with another fabulous entertainer/vocalist, Nick Pontarelli – and is taking her kit to the front of the stage these days with a Vegas Style Variety Act called Nick @ Knight! Be sure to catch one of their gigs at a club, theater, or fest soon!

Besides performing and recording – Gina is an influential teacher of drums and percussion. Please check out the Drum Lessons Girl Page for more information on her instructional video lessons.


DLG REVIEWS!!! Drummers Feedback:

“Totally loving my Drum Lesson Girl DVD!!! Fantastic, clear explanations and information delivered in such a lovely way that is uniquely Gina! If you don’t have it you need it now!” ~Laura Dannan (UK)

“You taught me…or better yet…refined my Cha Cha yesterday! Thank you, I love your instructions and explanations!” ~Rich Osborne, (US)

“I have seen many videos of drummers trying to teach this iconic shuffle. This is the only one I have seen that makes sense. Clear, easy to understand. Nice job!” ~Scott Zone (US)

“Hi Gina , just wanted to tell how much I appreciate what you do. I’ve been watching your posts and videos FB, YouTube , etc. your drumming is great,but your attitude is spectacular. In a world of flashy people huge egos, you are so refreshing and your love of your craft as well as for people is very evident. Thank you… You are a gem.” ~Mark Adams (US)

“Whether you’re a beginner at drumset or looking for another perspective and trying out new things with technique/groove/etc, check out the Drum Lessons Girl! There is something to be found for everyone, beginner and experienced alike.” ~Luis Mandujano (US)

“I loved Your clave lesson. You’re a super talent. Very cool.” ~Matt Murphy (US)

“Hello Gina, for years I was cheating when playing shuffles.
Rosanna, or Reeling in the Years, or Fool in the Rain, or any others.
I was doing something weird on the HH instead of the real ghost notes on snare. (Just like you said in your Rosanna video.)  But it was not the real thing and It was really not satisfying for me.
BUT because of  you and your videos the way I face my practice sessions have changed and I’m now able to do almost everything I want on any shuffle. I’m giving you a gold medal for that. I’m gigging this week-end and, I will have a little thought  for you when the time will come to play theses song!!!!” ~Pierre (Canada)

“I really enjoyed the examples you used here. You’ve got a nice knack for breaking a topic down and making it easy to digest.” ~Mike (US)

“I really appreciate your work and personality!” ~Jack Lima (Brazil)

“Awesome video on beach beats!” ~ Mark Stanek (US)

I found your website by chance and I loved it.
I live in Arica (Chile) and from the school wanted to play music and my preference was bass guitar or drums. Today at 41 years old with some friends we have made a musical threesome to play different rhythms and themes 70 – 80 – 90s. Buy a used kit drums (Tama) and started to play by instinct, until I saw your videos …. now play more professionally, so I think ..Whatever, thanks for your classes .. you’re very sympathetic, youthful and fresh …” – Carlos, (Chile)

“Hello Gina, I am a drummer in the UK and have been watching some of your youtube videos recently. Your a great drummer and you have a very interesting foot technique. I stumbled upon this myself recently combining slide with a swivel action, it is as you say a more efficient way of getting quicker notes. Anyway now I have found you on facebook I thought I’d say hi, keep up the great work!” ~ Liam Groves (UK)

“Me gusta mucho tu pagina y como explicas los ejercicios, yo tambien soy baterista. “~ Gustavo Echenique (Dominican Republic)

“Hi, DLG, it’s refreshing to encounter assertive, confident and capable femininity residing in the driver’s seat of a drum set.
i’m an old guy who is enjoying his return to music after a self-imposed 35-yr furlough to raise kids and be ‘responsible’.
Thank you for caring enough about your drumming to create this site and its related tools and helps to make the ‘going’ less of a hassle for folks like me.
If you ever are out on the west coast gigging or conducting a clinic, I will be sure to come out to support you. I wish you continued success with this career that you obviously love.” ~Chris, (US)

“Thank you so much. I’ve learned a lot of basical things from your drum lessons.
I am from Vietnam. I like to play drums, but I learned it by myself.” ~Duoc Xuan (Vietnam)

“Hi Gina,
I’ve just ordered your DVD and can’t wait for it to arrive.  I’ve only just started to learn the drums, but have really enjoyed your YouTube movies and am half way through Gene Krupa’s unabridged Drum Method manual.  It had to be GK and you as swing is my thing and I definitely feel the Drum Method is giving me a solid grounding in the rudiments.  Can’t imagine changing to matching grip just at the moment though especially after doing all the wrist turning and up and down stroke practice Mr K demanded.  Really hoping that your DVD will confirm I’ve been doing my lessons correctly (what a pity Gene didn’t live in an era when he could have made a teaching DVD) and that it will lead me on to develop new and exciting skills.  Thanks for the inspiration. Your the coolest.
Kindest Regards” ~ Peter (UK)

I enjoy your lessons and energy! I came across your video lesson for “Roseanna” and my mouth dropped!….as it was the most concise, well explained technique I’d ever seen! I also watched samba and songo I think,excelsior!!! YAY!!!!! ~Cathi (US)

“Thanks for doing what you do. It helps a lot. I am a seasoned drummer, but sometimes books just can’t help you. Especially love your samba video. I have been working on that last couple of years and i still dont have it down.”
~ernesto gencarelli (Italy)

“Your DVD is so packed with useful material! In my opinion, it’s a real steal! I think you need to raise the price a little! 😉 Thank you very much. Glad I picked it up.” ~ Jay (US)

“My name is Marta, I’m from Spain and I study drums. I’ve just discovered you!! I think you’re great and your website is so cool that I’ve just made a purchase of your drums lessons girl DVD chapters in digital form. Can’t wait to watch it! Thanks for your work!! It’s so nice to see woman playing professional drums! ” ~Marta (Spain)

“Gina the video on the samba is the greatest you are incredible!” ~Ron Oberman (US)

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  1. lucas says:

    voce nao ensina jazz music? ou so brasilian rithns?

  2. Tim McManus says:

    Hey Gina,

    Not sure if you ever do something like this, but if you’re ever in san francisco and have a little extra time for a private lesson/student – let me know. I’m an old dog, but still working on learning. I finally got rid of my monster slingerland set and got a smaller gretsch and am starting to play a little more. Among other things, have been working off a couple of your youtube vids. your stuff is great – thank you for putting it out there.





  4. Edwin Mendez says:

    Gina , I saw you perform at our company fall harvest 80 th anniversary festival last year Hill Mechanical. I couldn’t believe how awesome you were !! Not only your incredible pocket , timing and musicianship, you are the real deal. I will be 59 years old this year and still have a passion for drumming. I would be honored if you would consider me as a student. I don’t want to waste your time ?? Maybe I could audition?? Send you a video, ?? This is my last push at trying to fulfill this life long dream of being a pocket drummer. I really need help on my timing, transition from fills back to solid time . I would really appreciate a response. Thanks. Your positive attitude is a winner !!

  5. David Azzopardi says:

    Hi Gina
    You are a natural teacher ( no whiplash ). I really enjoyed your Samba technique . I have taught in the past, but still learning.You do it well. If you ever come down under and have time give us a yell. David Azzopardi central coast N.S.W. Australia.

  6. Cristhopper says:

    Hi Gina, I’d love you to do a bachata drum beat explained. I just fell in love with your cha cha cha one. It’s amazing. Thank you

  7. Dilshan says:

    Hey Gina,This is Dilshan from Sri Lanka. Im very pleased about your drum lessons. Your teaching skills are very easy to understand unlike other teachers.Your technique is very simple & versatile. I myself a drum teacher too. God Bless.


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