Now available: Individual Chapters!
Now YOU can purchase individual chapters of the DLG DVD!
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Individual Chapters
Important! *All of the chapters are notated*

  1. Intro Chapter (12 min, 34 sec)
    This chapter takes you through all of the basics of reading
    drum notation and dynamic markings.
  2. Let’s Get Started (23 min, 35 sec)
    This covers everything — Grip, 4 Basic Strokes, 5 Essential Rudiments,
    Basic Hand Exercises, and how to set up your drum set.
  3. Complete Rock Beat Section (36 min, 33 sec)
    This is a cool way to expand your groove vocabulary.
    Here, we build on the basic rock beat,
    and include 16th note patterns, off beat funk patterns, and blues grooves.
    This is a MUST HAVE for every drummer.
  4. Complete Jazz Beat Section (16 min, 27 sec)
    This chapter teaches you how to swing, develop your independence,
    and even includes a play along jazz solo.
  5. Complete Latin Beat Section (11 min, 39 sec)
    This will teach you how to play the Bossa Nova and Samba on drum set.
    Like all of the other chapters, this includes the notation.
  6. 70 Cool Drum Fills (40 min, 38 sec)
    Here we give you many, MANY drum fills that use the rudiments
    we learned in Chapter 2! Pick and choose your favorite drum fills,
    and add them to your bag of tricks!
  7. Bonus Features —Brushes/Tuning/Bloopers (23 min, 23 sec)
    I have a nifty little guide on how to play jazz and ballads with brushes.
    Also, there is a lesson on changing a drum head, and tuning it.
    Then, of course…a blooper reel! *Warning!*2 May include snorting! 😉


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Skill Level: beginner-moderately advanced

The Drum Lessons Girl DVD will give you all of the vital skills necessary to become a well rounded drummer! It includes practical segments on how to read music, setting up, and rudiments; an in-depth Rock Beat Section that eases the drummer into playing Blues and Funk patterns; an extensive Jazz chapter, including a play-along jazz solo; tutorials on basic Latin Beats, and 70 Drum Fills utilizing the 5 essential Rudiments! Bonus material includes a 12 minute segment on playing with brushes, a tutorial on changing and tuning a drum head, and in typical DLG fashion…a blooper reel! 😉


This DVD (well it’s 170 minutes — so, it’s on 2 DVDs) is FULLY NOTATED! All of the chapters have the drum notation right at the bottom of the screen, making it easy to get accustomed to reading and playing simultaneously.

“This material was meant to be sort of a hybrid between a helpful tool that drummers can learn from just by listening and watching…or a guide where they can grab their sticks, and play along with the exercises.”

Whether you’ve been drumming for several years, or never picked up a pair of sticks before today…the Drum Lessons Girl will show you the way!

* No additional tax, + $2 for shipping ($13 for international shipping).
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100% made in the USA! 😉 Thank you for supporting an Indie Artist!

13 Responses to Store

  1. Achim says:

    hey gina
    i’m a german man and a bad drummer with a very bad english.
    So i messing short.
    Your webside is very nice and i will learn much about the samba and other south american beats.
    I hope you can continuing this job with all your personality.
    Greatings from Germany

  2. toni says:

    muy buenos videos,soy español, de las islas Canarias…perfecta enseñanza..saludos y adelante¡¡¡

  3. Shane Edmonds says:

    Hi Gina,

    Found you randomly on YouTube and dug your instructional technique straight away.

    I will be buying some of your stuff…soon.
    Cheers from Melbourne, Australia.


  4. Pat Tibbetts says:

    Hi Gina,
    Have enjoyed your tutorials and have cleaned up some rudiments and grooves. Thanks and best regards

  5. Embulus says:

    The kindness of a woman teaching you everything you need, turns difficult things in possibile and interesting things…


  6. Hi Gina: I discovered your YouTube video on Jeff Porcaro’s “Roxanna” half time shuffle. I’m getting back into drumming after a very long haitius an have signed up at several online courses, but I was very impressed with the clarity and simplicity of your teaching method: keep up the good work- I may sign on soon!

    BTW- I think YOU are the one of the grooviest teachers I’ve seen anywhere.

    Rob in Acapulco

  7. David Tomik says:

    Do the DVD set fit into a narrow mail box slot?

    • Gina says:

      Hi Dave! Yes – I will take both DVDs out of the package….and
      send them in a very thin envelope?
      I can also send you the online links to the DVDs….so you can watch them on your computer as well?

      Will that work? Thank you, Gina

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